Start Time Ammendments

We have made a few changes to tomorrows times with Ghia dropping back to division B and Gillian moving up to A.

Let us know if there are any objections, our main aim is to give everyone enjoyable racing.


Winter Is Here


A great start to the winter series with warm mild weather and just enough wind to get around. Things won’t be so easy this weekend with some cold westerly wind due to give us all a wake up call. Go to the start times page to check your time and division.



Berenice in the 2014 RNI

Berenice was wearing the PHRF 4th Div Leaders’ crown for most of the second leg until the last hour or so! Keep an eye on her progress and cheer Wil and Iain on…

Check Wil & Iain’s progress in the  SSANZ round North Island Race by clicking here:


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