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Summer 2018-2019

Summer 2018 – 2019. – 

This summer the emphasis is on Adventure Sailing events.  These events are not strictly races, but opportunities for all yachties in Tauranga to participate with others either for cruising to a common destination or testing themselves against other boats.

The dates of the scheduled events are shown under the calendar here, but each event will be organised according to the weather and number of participants in the week beforehand.

Register your interest in participating by emailing to ensure that you receive the updates.



10th SAT              Adventure Weekend

24th SAT              Adventure Weekend


Video Library

A short (and small) video of the two handed race on 2 June 2018 can be found here:

Winter 2018 documents

Winter 2018 updated course sheets and Sailing instructions available from our downloads page



Upcoming Events:

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