Cricket on the Bank/Close of Summer

Well, Summer events for MMYC are now over.

The finale was the AMMYCSCOTB(2), which was enjoyed by everyone who came.  There were 6 boats in attendance, Wizzard, Pork Chop, Geriatrix, General Jackson, Sophie Rose and Taihoma (?).  Because a crowd attracts a crowd, several stray boats joined in the park up.

The paying field emerged from the harbour with heaps of time for everyone to get a bat, bowl and general run around

With the shape of the bank, there was a nice eddy and deep water close to the shore which allowed everyone to hang nicely to their anchors.  This is certainly an event worth attending.

Congratulations to Dakota for picking up the Player of the day.

A noteworthy effort was put in by the grandson of Gary Bishell who came over from the UK to attend a wedding, but on the day, decided to come play cricket with us instead!