Triple Series

Summer 2021-2022 TripleMount Maunganui Yacht Club

Results are final as of 18:31 on February 24, 2022


1st place Bottle of Rum thanks to Super Liquor Greerton1stA40 9620 Ross Currie – The Rascal
2nd place Bottle of Wine thanks to Mills Reef Winery1stDavidson 35 5895 Frank Yoeman – La Vida
3rd place Bottle of Wine thanks to Mills Reef Winery1stNewick Val 31 7352 Ian Thorn – Kuihi

Mayor Island Dash – Saturday 12th Feb at 09:00

20kn building to 30kn
OvercastStart: Start 1, Finishes: Place

RankBoat NameDesignSailNoSkipperClubDivisionTCFStartFinishElapsedCorrectedPoints
1The RascalA409620Ross CurrieTYPBC-MMYCDiv 1.8509:0513:15:004:10:003:32:301.0
2La VidaDavidson 355895Frank YoemanMMYCDiv 1.6909:0514:14:385:09:383:33:392.0
3KuihiNewick Val 317352Ian ThornSSANZDiv 1.8059:0513:45:004:40:003:45:243.0
4River RebelSR365533Haeg PettersenMMYC-TYPBCDiv 1.8009:0514:14:145:09:144:07:234.0
5Thirsty WorkRoss modified 8.309181Jimmy BenthamTYPBCDiv 1.7609:0514:34:005:29:004:10:025.0
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