WINTER SERIES 2020 – Sailing Instructions

In the hope that Covid-19 lock down restrictions permit the winter series to start on time, the 2020 sailing instructions are now posted.  These can be downloaded, with the course sheets on the Downloads page (here).


The programme starts with opening day breakfast and handicapping race on SUNDAY 3rd May, at the MOSC.  This might be a tad optimistic as there is every expectation that the Level 4 restrictions will be downgraded to Level 3, which previously restricted gatherings of any type.


If we are unable to hold the breakfast, and if restrictions permit, the handicapping race will still be held on 3rd May.  Please keep checking the website or emails for confirmation.


All skippers intending on entering for the Open series or the two handed series are reminded that the entry form and safety declaration and entry fee must be completed prior to the first race.


Open Series Divisions

This winter,  in the interests of promoting more participation, there will be two open series divisions.

A Division  – for boats intending on racing with spinnakers.

B (Cruising) Division – for boats not intending on racing with spinnakers.

 Winter often provides some of the best afternoon sailing conditions of the year and participation by all skippers and crew wanting to make the most of their boat and the harbour with their post-lockdown freedoms is greatly encouraged. 


See you on the water!

Adam Yates