2015 Legends Regatta

The Bay of Plenty’s Largest Sailing Regatta is once again under way.

Thanks to all our sponsors this year the Participating Prize is a $4000 Sail from Tony Thornburrow sails

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Great Mercury Island

Legends Regatta 2014


The Labour Weekend dash to Great Mercury Island for the Legends Regatta proved a success again for the 11th time. All boats that entered (32) all made it to The Cove, along with a handful of “unregistered” boats. With the Skippers Briefing bought forward to the Wednesday night, a 3rd of the fleet left early on Thursday in light conditions to make a real weekend of it. The best of the wind blew the balance of the fleet in on Friday but thankfully with no reported “miss adventures” as usually happens.


the cove

The Cove


The customary buzz of tenders making their way between yachts occurred on Friday night as skippers and crews settled in for a weekend of socializing. Two men in a boat named “Invincible” started visitations with the skipper manning the outboard on departure…only to give control to the crew for a safe return passage home after several hours. According to the skipper, the next day, the key to avoiding any “un wellness” post partying, is to simply not go to sleep and to continue festivities. Something not recommended if skippering your vessel in a race the next day.


On Saturday the race course took the fleet around Never Fail Rock. Formula One did everyone the courtesy of sailing half the race with just her mainsail up. On behalf of us “Mino’s” chasing you, thanks for that.


Santana didn’t rush to the start line……….and why should she! The crew was so confident they made their approach to the start line and signed in during the final countdown.


The crew on Instigator 111 looked like they were out for a Sunday sail………but quietly and casually made it extremely difficult for Hanse Free to sail over top of her.


Every year, some time during the weekend, a skipper becomes the proud recipient of the “Silver Spade” award. This year, it looked like all yachts remained “upright” and that no one would be worthy of the trophy but it has come to the committees attention that “Psychic” , one of the Auckland Stewarts was seen with a slight lean. Congratulations.


Sundays round the island race was thwart with peril for some vessels, especially the start boat. With enough wind to make for a good race, Hanse Free as start boat had some trouble maintaining position at the start line. Persuader gave no leniency   to the “motor vs sail” rule expecting the start boat to move for her.


A protest came from Not Negotiable that the start line was too short so to ensure they didn’t get themselves boxed in, they jumped the line………..by a boat length. Unfortunately this tactic was unsuccessful with the start official calling them back for a 2nd start.


The prize giving and customary rum gathering on the island was a little more colourful this year with a silly hat competition. Congratulations Megan….your hat was so silly it deserved the 1st prize. We also had an opportunity to thank one of the islands owners this year, Michael Fay, as he joined us for the prize giving. Great Mercury Island surely is a little piece of paradise and on behalf of everyone that participates in this regatta, we thank the owners for tolerating our small invasion year after year.

The weekend usually reveals a few yarns and tall tales but this one is worthy of a mention. Protocol made a detour to Opito Bay to drop off a crew member. I was windy and a few rollers were crashing on the beach so not the best condition to be negotiating in a small tender. Nevertheless, the chivalrous and gallant skipper bravely transported his female crew member to shore………well….not quite to shore. In order to prevent himself and the tender from being dumped, he commanded her out of the tender……..in waist deep water! Struggling ashore she turned around to see that the skipper had came shore a little further up the beach in order to get a better line to row back. Maybe “chivalrous and gallant” was a bit too much of an embellishment!


For those boats that sailed home on Monday, the conditions were perfect. The wind started at 15 to 18 knots aft of the beam and slowly increased all afternoon peaking at around 28 knots. All day we watched two yachts on the horizon doing battle with kites up. Dad’s Navy on Not Negotiable (with a combined age in excess of 265) were determined not to let too much distance get between them and younger more agile crew sailing Berenice. After a couple of “wipe outs”, they abandoned their kite and we viewed them changing direction. Meanwhile, the kite stayed up on Berenice with the red hull becoming less visible as the bow wave increased with the wind speed. It was a spectacular finish with Hanse Free, Berenice and Not Negotiable coming in around “A” beacon just a couple of boat lengths apart.


Berenice approaching the finish line


Even when a race is over…..it isn’t really until the boats are home and tied up. The 3 cockpit skippers on Not Negotiable where still chasing that red hull through the harbour entrance while their 4th and most “junior” crew member tidied the decks.


The Legends Regatta Mission statement reads as follows:


To Create New Zealand’s BEST Annual REGATTA

To Promote;

                                    Fair Play




For all keelers and multihulls


Mission Accomplished! There is always much to be learnt if you participate in this regatta and I’ll share the following that I learnt this year;


– The fridge light is turned on by a little man that lives behind the cabbage

– When the water disappears from the marina, it can filled  up again by turning the taps on at end of the jetty’s…….but be patient because it does take approximately 6 hours!

– If your sail bag drops over the side whilst hoisting a sail, simply push a crew member overboard to retrieve it, followed closely by a rescue ring.

Dora…..you must have had a traumatic childhood!


Many thanks to the sponsors of the Legends Regatta.

Powerco: Steve’s Marine Supplies: Radio Live: Electrical Works: Bridge Marina Travelift: David Peet Jewellers: Wild Kiwi: Blokart Recreation Park: Plumbing World: Southern Hospitality Ltd: Mills Reef: House of Travel: Windsheer: Sew Hot Monograms.


Legend Regatta Winners were:

1st Place  – Persuader

2nd Place – Not Negotiable

3rd Place – Berenice


The draw for the $3,000 travel voucher went to Dennis Bouverie skippering “Sunrise”.


See you next year.

Carol Andrews.



Legends Regatta. Great Mercury Island.

The 10th Anniversary.

Labour Weekend 2013

 It’s never a dream run……..well hardly ever. You’re likely to get a “pasting” going up or coming back from Great Mercury Island. This year it was for those boats that left on Friday in stiff winds right on the nose. A hand full of “cunning” skippers departed on Thursday, travelling thru the night with no wind and maxing out the motoring clause. It was worth it, tucked up in the Cove on Friday resting up while news trickled in of those less fortunate battling wind, tide and broken gear….only to find themselves heading for Mayor Island instead of the Coromandel.

Hat’s off to the little guys like Manhattan (actually…not so little) with novice crew that hid at Mayor Island until it was only half bad. There was an all important netball game that delayed their departure….yes….the chosen sport of the Skipper…that’s “Netball”, not “Basketball”. Go figure!

The “seasoned” sailors (and Steely) off Not Negotiable, also waited to poke their noses out from behind Mayor Island. This crew was also conspicuous by their absence at the Saturday Island gathering. I believe they made an appearance for 5 minutes then retreated…..for a nap perhaps……..or maybe they were too bloated with scallops to endure the party.

There is a trophy awarded each year to the boat that finds itself involuntarily “Up on the Hard”! Foxy Lady’s crew jumped ship on the Saturday to complete the round the island race and came back to their boat ungraciously leaning over baring all. Every year it happened to someone. This year was your turn Dora!

The regatta’s most noisy boat award must go to “Marbles” this year whose soundz were blasting as the gathering wound up on the island at midnight. I believe one of their crew was appointed “Cleaner” part way thru the night. Hate to see what ended up in their bilge but it was enough to send Murray scurrying back to Bluebird Free.

The “Stewarts” made a presence again this year…Princesses and Princes alike. These sturdy vessels had a much nicer ride in from Auckland and dotted themselves throughout the anchored fleet. They’re a proud little bunch….flying their “Big S’s”….but their presence was surpassed by another make of Boat………..

“Beneteau”…..6 of them…..one could have been fooled into believing it was a “Beneteau Regatta” with their over 40’s hulls muscling for room in the Cove.

The round the island race on Saturday was supported by a good number of the fleet. Winds were light at the top end of the island but gathered strength and posed a challenge down the bottom end.

The return trip home began for some boats on Sunday. A mini fleet gathered at Boat Harbour on Sunday evening. All weekend a procession of tenders could be seem coming and going from Instigator 3’s transom but on Sunday evening the skipper himself manned his tender along with that of Jade Lady. Together they were seen slipping off into the twilight in pursuit of dinner using a long line. I believe the result was NOT a feast!

Legends 1

Not entirely sure why Santana wound in her
genoa…”Self Handicapping” maybe?…but she soon recovered, zipping around the
outside of On Y Va.

legends 2

On Y Va came perilously close to Bluebird Free but scampered away after having her gennaker collapsed by a true pirate skipper!

Congratulations to Persuader, the Race winners of the Regatta and also to Gannet who drew the major prize and generously donated it.

The Committee, Skippers and Crew of this regatta would like to thank the sponsors and in particular PowerCo for their generous support. We hope the PowerCo employees enjoyed this event.



Attachment C2013 Legends Regatta 25th -28th October

2013 Entry Form Entry & Prize conditions

Sailing instructions and Notice of Race Sailing Instructions Legends Regatta 2013

LR 2013 Tee Shirt Order Form



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2013 Entries

Steve Livingstone Tango Beneteau 461 1226 MMYC
Andy Kennedy Jade Lady Noelex 30 5810 TYPBC
Barry Farr Candidus Chico 30 4551 MMYC
Doug Harrison Wizzard TC 12.5 7565 MMYC
Mike Way Summer Magic Witchcraft T 3754 BOPTYS
Arthur Elworthy Hanse Free Hanse 371 8871 MMYC
Colin Davidson On Y Va Beneteau 8448 MMYC
Terry Spitz Sea Beagle Bavaria 8830 TYPBC
Euan Armstrong Marbles Farr 1020 57 Kawau Island YC
Bill van der Vlerk Brubeck Lotus 920 3769 MMYC
Shane Buxton Persuader Lotus 10.6 5007 MMYC
Adam Yates Jetstream Challenger 29 119 MMYC
Jim McCrone Gillian Wright 10 6533 MMYC
J Berrington Chelsea Hotel Crowther 12.5 7588 MMYC
Gary Urwin Not Negotiable Young 9.9 6609 MMYC
Bryan Jenkins Calumet Gulf 30 3387 MMYC
Neil Heath Precedent Stewart 34 1880 RNYS
Stu Clark Gannet Wright 36 3410 MMYC
Brian Jones Santana Bavaria 38 8952 MMYC
Wayne Eaton Kaimai Express Beneteau First 40 9289 TYPBC
Theo Vondervoort Options Beneteau MMYC
Dave Peet Instigator III Wright 43 8719 TYPBC
Murray Rhodes Bluebird Free Beneteau 1 MMYC
Tom Wheeler Force 10 Wright 10 5480 MMYC
Jim McCracken Johanna Chico 30 5778 TYPBC
Pete Linde Manhattan Challenge 29 4751 TYPBC
Sally Clark Ghia Davidson 35 6025 MMYC
Roy Petch Code Zero Lotus 10.6 4960 MMYC
Mike Evans Vino Genisis 400 Launch TYPBC
Rick Murrell Sea Change Hanse 415 9334 TYPBC
Zane Edlin Happy Hour Flannagan TYPBC
Nicole Harris Tiare Iti Compass H28 9363 TYPBC
Brett Henshaw Prince Hal Stewart 34 41 RNYS
Les McDonald Aurora Stewart 34 1044 RNYS, RPNYC,TYPBC
Ray Carter Déjà vu Baltic 42 950 TYPBC
Dave Simons Zia Beneteau
Chad Heads Foxy Lady Spencer 28
Bill Falconer Princess Stewart 34 809



The Legends Regatta is made possible by the generous support of the following companies:

Steves MarineRadio LiveElec WorksBridge Marina
BlokartDavid PeetHouse of travel Mills Reef Plimbing WorldSew Hot Southern HosWild Kiwi



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