Whangamata Race


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The 2018 race saw an even turnout of boats from both Tauranga and Whangamata Clubs.  A great vote of thanks goes to the Whangamata Club who once again put on a superb barbecue and showed great hospitality.

Congratulations go to Brian and Clair on Santana who pulled of a stunning victory over both divisions.  They managed to time their run so that they seemed to have never lost the breeze while the front runners languished off Bowentown for a good hour waiting for them to bring it up from the south.

With a ship arriving at A beacon at the same time as the race start the line was moved to the safe side of the channel, which caught out most of the fleet which struggled to regain the line in light breeze against the tide.  Pork Chop was the only boat to time the start and led all the way to the finish.  They were severely challenged by Truxton, which had the disadvantage of being the start boat and had to play catch up all day.  The breeze never rose above 8 knots and Porkchop and Truxton cleared out from the fleet all the way to Bowentown where there was no wind at all.  The rest of the boats were delighted that they held the wind all the way to he same dead spot.

Sanchero seemed to carry their own patch of weather so that they steadily drew ahead of the chasing pack and closed on the leaders who watched them helplessly in the glassy  conditions.  Pork Chop were lucky to be able to drift in front of them so they could share the same conditions, which enabled them to join the dots and jump from breeze line to breeze line.

While waiting for the new to find them, the crew on Blade Runner  found time to jump over board and clean the bottom.

When the new conditions finally arrived, Pork Chop and Truxton benefited  from having code zeros to be able to once again pull away from the fleet and battled all the way to the finish.

It seems everyone had a great day and while it was not exactly champagne sailing it was a good tactical challenge.  Brian, on Santanna claims that “we never moved faster than three knots but that is a whole lot quicker than the boats that were not moving at all.”  Or something like that.

Congratulations to them for a first class result and Rhondine for the B division win.



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