Winter Series – Contact Tracing

Under Level 2, we need to keep contact tracing records for Covid-19 compliance

Skippers entering the Two handed or Open Series have been sent changes to the Notice of race and Sailing Instructions regarding this

The Tracing QR code is:




Winter Series – Launch Date

Hi sailors. 


With the announcement that the country enters into Level 2 on Thursday 14 May the Mount Maunganui Winter Series is ready to launch.

The calendar looks like this:

Open series commencing THIS Sunday (17th May) and then following the dates in the sailing instructions. (i.e. the second event will be the next Sunday)

2 Handed series commencing Saturday 16th May and then following the dates in the sailing instructions.

Both races will be the handicapping race.

No decision has been made regarding the opening day breakfast but it will definitley be happening but at a later date once we can have gatherings larger than 10. 

As per the sailing instructions, the safety declarations and entry fees for all participants must be in before the start day.  Details are in the sailing instructions (here).  New sailors and boats are very welcome.

Happy end of  Lockdown and looking to seeing you on the water.

Adam Yates




WINTER SERIES 2020 – Sailing Instructions

In the hope that Covid-19 lock down restrictions permit the winter series to start on time, the 2020 sailing instructions are now posted.  These can be downloaded, with the course sheets on the Downloads page (here).


The programme starts with opening day breakfast and handicapping race on SUNDAY 3rd May, at the MOSC.  This might be a tad optimistic as there is every expectation that the Level 4 restrictions will be downgraded to Level 3, which previously restricted gatherings of any type.


If we are unable to hold the breakfast, and if restrictions permit, the handicapping race will still be held on 3rd May.  Please keep checking the website or emails for confirmation.


All skippers intending on entering for the Open series or the two handed series are reminded that the entry form and safety declaration and entry fee must be completed prior to the first race.


Open Series Divisions

This winter,  in the interests of promoting more participation, there will be two open series divisions.

A Division  – for boats intending on racing with spinnakers.

B (Cruising) Division – for boats not intending on racing with spinnakers.

 Winter often provides some of the best afternoon sailing conditions of the year and participation by all skippers and crew wanting to make the most of their boat and the harbour with their post-lockdown freedoms is greatly encouraged. 


See you on the water!

Adam Yates






Winter Series and lockdown

Hello Sailors

With lockdown well and truly upon us, many people are asking the most important of questions (for a yacht club) ; WHEN ARE WE SAILING NEXT?

The answer is:  AS SOON AS WE CAN.   But not before  Sunday 3rd May.

The winter series opening day and breakfast is scheduled for 3rd May with the first race, being the handicapping race starting that afternoon.

Of course, we are planning this on the basis that Lockdown is over, Covid19 is history and fair winds await us.

Keep an eye on this page, your email and or the face book page for information and updates.  

Sailing instructions will be posted shortly.



Adam Yates




Cricket on the Bank/Close of Summer

Well, Summer events for MMYC are now over.

The finale was the AMMYCSCOTB(2), which was enjoyed by everyone who came.  There were 6 boats in attendance, Wizzard, Pork Chop, Geriatrix, General Jackson, Sophie Rose and Taihoma (?).  Because a crowd attracts a crowd, several stray boats joined in the park up.

The paying field emerged from the harbour with heaps of time for everyone to get a bat, bowl and general run around

With the shape of the bank, there was a nice eddy and deep water close to the shore which allowed everyone to hang nicely to their anchors.  This is certainly an event worth attending.

Congratulations to Dakota for picking up the Player of the day.

A noteworthy effort was put in by the grandson of Gary Bishell who came over from the UK to attend a wedding, but on the day, decided to come play cricket with us instead! 




Cricket on the Bank

This weekend (Saturday 14th March) will see the 2nd annual Mount Maunganui Yacht Club Summer Cricket on the Bank (2AMMYCSCOTB).


The event kicks off (after a fashion) at 2.00pm.  The match is held on the sand bank which appears at low tide in the middle of the harbour between marks 13 and 9, at low tide (the lowest of the season).

Being low tide and with the steep channel cutting even boats with deep keels can “moor” alongside the playing field.

Come along, bring some food and refreshments, shoes (essential) and join in the fun.

This is a fun afternoon, in the most novel of settings.  If you would like to join in and don’t have transport, feel free to contact the club to organise a ride. 

MMYC Summer Triple Series – Mayor Island Race

The Mayor Island Race, which is the final race of the MMYC Summer Triple Series is being held on Saturday 7 March.

The race will be from the yacht club to South East Bay, starting at 0900 (9.00 am).  

If you haven’t entered the previous races of the series, there is still reason to  join in as  this will be a fun weekend.  Boats are encouraged to stay over night and enjoy the night together.   The prizegiving will be held in the bay, either onshore or aboard one or two of the boats and a light barbecue lunch will be put by the yacht club.  

Of course, boats are welcome to join the festivities at the island even if they haven;t entered/participated in the race.

Notice of race and entry forms are found on the MMYC website or by following these links:

Triple Series Notice of Race

Mayor Island Entry form


Whangamata Race update

It appears there is an error in the Sailing instructions for the Whangamata race this weekend. The race is definitely staring on Saturday the 8th, start time to be confirmed at briefing. Briefing for all boats will be held at the Mount Ocean Sports club at 6.30pm Friday the 7th of February


White Island Race 2020

Whangamata Race

WHANGAMATA RACE 8th of February 2020

Entries for the Whangamata race are now open.

Entries are open for the 2020 Whangamata Race hosted by the Mount Maunganui Yacht Club.

The race will be held on Saturday 8th February 2020.This time the direction is from Tauranga to Whangamata, where entrants will be hosted by the Whangamata Yacht Club for prizegiving and dinner.

The high tide for deep draft boats to enter the harbour is early evening around 6.00pm.

The notice of race and entry form can be found on the MMYC website here:

Entry Form 2020

Notice of Race – Triple series 2019/2020





White Island Race report

The White Island race was held on Saturday November 16.  6 

6 boats entered with one withdrawing shortly after the start.

The forecast for the day was for the breeze to be almost non existent at the scheduled start of 8.00am, so the start was delayed until 10.00 when a light westerly was blowing.

Most of the boats made the best of the conditions flying spinnakers for the first 1/2 hour.  The exception was Formula One which reports that they only used their code zero and no1 jib for the whole trip.  Unlike Truxton and Pork Chop which both made continuous changes as conditions changed from the light westerly to a solid 20 knot North westerly and then back to a strong westerly.

The result was that all boats had a fast trip to White Island but a slow return.  Open Country and Rimfire were arriving at White Island as Pork Chop and Truxton were leaving.  The trailing boats suffered as the breeze slowly backed to the west and then all but died as they attempted to get past Motiti.

Formula One had the best of the conditions finishing around 11. pm for a 13 hour trip, Truxton an hour later and Pork an hour or so behind them.  Open Country finished before the was up but Rimfire had the worst of conditions and crawled to the line well after breakfast.

All in all it was a great race with Truxton picking up the win on handicap.  Only 9 minutes covered the first 4 boats on adjusted time so it was a great effort for everyone.

Mount Maunganui Yacht Club are pleased with the event and are keen to hold it regulalry.  They have even inaugurated (recycled) a new cup which was first donated in 1946.  It will be awarded for each of the Coastal Series races.  The next of which is Whangamata race on 7 February 2020.

The next club event is the Christmas Raft up on sunday afternoon 15th December.

See you there (details to come later).


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